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News on Scott Nicholson

Hi all!
Just thought I would put word out on one of my new favorite authors, Scott Nicholson. Scott is a diverse fiction writer. His work includes horror, mystery,suspense, fantasy, paranormal romance, (October Girls series), and children's books. Scott has also put out 2 comics, Grave Conditions and DIRT. He has about six screenplays, I believe. He is in everything - haha. I have reviewed his book, These Things Happened. I will be reviewing more of his work soon.  Please check him and his books out at You will regret this only if you do not go and read his work.

Ashes  is currently free. I do not know how long this will last so grab it while you can. The link is

He also has a couple of manuals, (writing, self-publishing sort), on Smashwords. Also free. Links are and

Liquid Fear is pr…