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Book Gifting Calendar for 2012

Unbelievably I only received books from Jenn, Stephany Simmons and Natasha Larry (and possibly my Secret Santa) this year. I did hear from a few  of you who complained that I was hard to get for because you didn't know what would make me happy.....BOOKS might have been the answer. Just saying because there are still some book giving occasions coming up and I don't want you to blow up your brains thinking about it, (the part about the brains is to children). You still have time.
Oh the book giving occasions? Here is a list:
January is National Hobby Month and reading is my hobby so actually any day in January to help me celebrate my hobby will do. But in case you want an actual date:
New Years coming up this weekend  Dia de los Mago Reyes on the 6th Male Watcher's Day on the 8th (good for sizzling hot books - see February for sites) Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day on the 12th (those hot books again - February hints) Friday the 13th   Martin Luther King Birthday on the 16th 

Waiting on Wednesday - Paola Calvetti & Jeni Decker

'Waiting On' Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill from that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.
I am starting to get excited now. A book I have been dying for is almost out!

PO Box Love by Paola Calvetti
It is expected to be released January 31, 2012 by St Martin's Press. The wait is killing me.  Good Reads Synopsis: A charming epistolary novel that chronicles the love story between Emma and Frederico, former high school sweethearts who meet again thirty years later. At Dreams&Desires, 50-year-old Emma’s quaint bookshop in Milan dedicated to romantic fiction, the passionate bookseller serves coffee and tea to her customers and completes order slips in pen rather than using a computer. One day, she finds a mysterious handwritten note stuck between the pages of a novel. The message is from her high school sweetheart Frederico, who is now a successful architect in New York and whom she hasn’t seen in thirt…