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My Resonse to 10 Things You Should Know About Autism

I read  10 Things You Should Know About Autism on Rob Gorski's blog Lost and Tired.  Rob is the father of 3, yes 3, wonderful boys who are all on the autism spectrum. If you have never been to his blog I urge you to check it out. It is a blog for everyone: those who love a person on the spectrum, those who know someone on the spectrum, those who don't know anyone on the spectrum and may not even know what the spectrum is. Quite possibly his blog is especially important for the last group. Those of us loving someone on the spectrum have their own stories. We know what autism is, up close and personal. Blogs like his give us information when we need it, friendships, and most of all acceptance; the understanding of our need to laugh, cry or shout at the top of our lungs, (often all in the same day). People who are not lucky, yes I said lucky, enough to love someone on the spectrum need knowledge so they can understand. Let me stop a moment to explain why I said lucky as I know so…