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Guest Post by Brian Kittrell for the Alaskan Book Cafe (Exclusive)

I am so excited to have Brian Kittrell as a guest today! Brian Kittrell is the author of the Survivor Chronicles series (The Dying Times, The War of the Dead, Prisoner and Survivor, and A World Forsaken) and has announced a new fantasy line of novels beginning in the fall of 2011, beginning with The Circle of Sorcerers. He enjoys telling stories, but his life's fulfillment and joy come from his wife and daughter. As you may know from a prior post I love the Survivor Chronicles! I hope you enjoy his post and will check out the links at the bottom. There is a surprise to be found there too!
Welcome Brian!  
Title: The Journey Continues 
When I started publishing in November, 2010, I was very much a hobbyist author who used writing as a means of stress relief and personal enjoyment. With a few sales that first month, I thought, "Hey, it would be cool if this would pay the cell phone bill." Then, as the months progressed, sometimes it would pay the mortgage. Every once in a whi…