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Kimberly LaRocca - A Black Girl's Poetry for the World

A Black Girl’s Poetry for the World By Kimberly LaRocca

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, KNOW YOUR WORTH, BE WHO YOU KNOW YOU WERE MEANT TO BE --New Collection of Poetry Celebrates Personal Pride and Life Challenges Don’t be scared to let go. make your move. You’re right where you need to be. Don’t be afraid. Do what you say. That moment is meant just for you To make your move. From “Making Moves” Kimberly LaRocca knows all about challenges, the ones we can’t control, and those we create. She also knows about standing tall and staying proud, no matter what. A teenage mother who had her first child at age 17, LaRocca didn’t allow her situation to define her, or let her to fall into societal stereotypes. She graduated with her high school class and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree. Author of the new book of poems, A Black Girl’s Poetry for the World, LaRocca boasts an unshakeable belief in the power of pride, self-determination, and fulfilling personal potential. “I believe in karma, and my approach to life is…