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Review of Dangerous Lies by Lisa April Smith

Hi Everyone! Sorry but I had some personal issues going on and ended up away from the site. I have missed visiting so many of you! I am excited to be back and will be stopping by to catch up with what you are all doing and reading! Now on to my first review of the New Year! 

Dangerous Lies by Lisa Smith  EBook & Paperback, 254 Pages
*An Ebook copy was given to me for review by the author. No compensation was offered or received. No promise of a good review was made. Opinions expressed are solely mine.*
Good Reads: The trial had everything an ambitious prosecuting attorney could want: a solid case against a known crimelord and a seductively beautiful witness with a steamy past - ingredients guaranteed to pack a courtroom." From its first line, Dangerous Lies entices. Alternately raw, romantic, funny, and terrifying, this racy new thriller has two unforgettable protagonists. Tina Davis is the former mob mistress who inexplicably risks her life. Jake Stern, is the prosecuting attorne…