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Banned Book Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated. It is truly heartening to see so many who agree that banning books is what should be banned. It is important to keep our right to choose what we and our children read. The only way to do that is through awareness, education and reading those books. I appreciate every one of you. Now for the winners....drum roll please.

Entry # 106 Kat Vela Entry # 57 Jennifer H. Entry # 164 LisaILJ
Congratulations to the winners. You will receive an email from me regarding your win. Please respond to the email within 24 hours with the information requested. Thank you.

I currently have a giveaway for  the book Daughters of Iraq, which Ireviewed HERE. This is a truly moving book about 3 strong women, 2 sisters, (one living and one who passed away from cancer and left her daughter a diary she kept during her time fighting the cancer) and the daughter of the deceased sister. It is a book truly worth reading. All you need to do to enter is comment. If you leave a commen…