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Writing Process with author, Lea Carter

Today I have invited author Lea Carter to do a guest post. Lea is the author of Silver Princess, a YA novel.

Silver Princess is a "fairy" exciting adventure. Wisdom wins out despite inexperience when young Princess Rebecca takes on civil unrest and a handsome stranger. Readers of all ages will cheer her courage as she defies those who would dethrone her father.

A word (well, a few words) on writing… Everyone has a story to tell. Whether or not we share it is up to us. 
For me, writing is an attempt to capture scenes that come into my mind. If I can convey the emotion of the characters and explain the drive behind the scene, the rest of the story will unfold like a budding flower. While writing Silver Princess and Silver Majesty, I was taken by surprise more than once. 
For years I scribbled ideas and partial stories without finishing them. As I am a painfully shy person, there were only a few trusted individuals who were permitted to read them. But the important thing is that I …