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Customer Service - Where Is It?

What is the deal with EA?  I have gamed with them for several years. I use to be able to contact them when I had a problem with their games. I got fast and knowledgeable help. Every time I my problem was solved with one email. Now you must like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to receive tech support. Really? What the F...! I did not go to Facebook or Twitter to purchase your games. As far as I know the deal was between you and I. I gave you money. You gave me a product and the implied belief that there was tech support if I had an issue with your games. I am having an issue with 9 games and I need to post it on Twitter or Facebook so that other gamers can try to help me solve the issue. What? Exactly what does EA do? I understand that things are changing. I like a lot of the changes. However I think in this respect it is for the worse. Basically you are telling us to buy your product and if it doesn't work...go see if your neighbor has that product. Maybe they had an i…