Monday, February 4, 2013

Customer Service - Where Is It?

What is the deal with EA?  I have gamed with them for several years. I use to be able to contact them when I had a problem with their games. I got fast and knowledgeable help. Every time I my problem was solved with one email. Now you must like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to receive tech support. Really? What the F...! I did not go to Facebook or Twitter to purchase your games. As far as I know the deal was between you and I. I gave you money. You gave me a product and the implied belief that there was tech support if I had an issue with your games. I am having an issue with 9 games and I need to post it on Twitter or Facebook so that other gamers can try to help me solve the issue. What? Exactly what does EA do? I understand that things are changing. I like a lot of the changes. However I think in this respect it is for the worse. Basically you are telling us to buy your product and if it doesn't work...go see if your neighbor has that product. Maybe they had an issue and, because our company no longer believes in our products, they had to solve it on their own. If you go to enough people chances are you will find people that our product did not work for. Sweet.  I have a choice. I can buy products from a company that does not believe in their products enough to provide support for them . Or I could take my money and go find a company that backs their products. Hmmm. Dilemma, Dilemma. What to do? What to do? On the one hand I can play poker with EA knowing the odds are against me. On the other I can try another game company that possibly has real ways to contact them if there is an issue. The games I am having an issue with are The Sims ones, for those who are going what games?? LOL

I play games on I have bought several games from them back when EA was hooked with Pogo. I recently found out that those downloaded games are basically useless if my pc has a breakdown. We all know that eventually it will have a breakdown. Or perhaps I want to play the games on my laptop or other device. Guess what Pogo had to say. YOU NEED TO PURCHASE THE GAMES AGAIN. Yes the very same games. I cannot tell you how many games I have from them. When asked why games needed to be purchased  again , the response was, EA is not a part of us and they took their records with them. I looked in my Origins/EA Game List and  guess what? If you said that the games are not there, you win the prize, (not a real one lol). So Pogo does not have a record of my purchases. EA does not have a record of my purchases. Origin has no record. How the heck did they get in my possession? And just who was accepting all those credit card purchases? This is ridiculous. I can throw money in the garbage just as easily and with no illusion that I am getting something worth the money.

I am tired of big companies not backing up their products. Is it really so difficult to have an email address for your customers to contact you at? I think with money becoming tighter and people needing to pick and choose carefully, some of these big companies are going to take a hit. It is coming down to who gives the best customer service. I hear it all the time, I see it on Twitter and on Facebook. People talk about which companies give the best customer service. I have a Kindle. I got it when it first hit the market. I own 3 myself and have purchased them as gifts. You may ask why I chose Kindle over the other ereaders. The reason was customer service. When I had an issue with my first Kindle, Amazon was easy to reach and amazing in their response. They have earned my loyalty by proving they stand behind their product. I purchase food gifts for some of my family. The first company I went with was Swiss Colony. When I had an issue there customer service sucked. I now buy from Wisconsin Cheeseman. They stand behind their products, (which are awesome!), and have customer service to match. Yes I know I am one person. Big deal. Well it is a big deal when a lot of "it's only one person" start shopping for new companies.

If you have had good or bad experiences with companies customer service, please leave a comment. Since these companies want us to network solutions, I think we should do that for them. So leave your story and let us know which companies to shop with and which to shop around.

Now I am off to relax with Minecraft. Thankfully it works just fine. They are always updating and fixing things. They have a site, a blog, Facebook and Twitter plus the community. So does EA. The way customers are treated is the difference. Creeper, if I promise to love you forever, will you stop blowing my stuff up? LOL

*The opinions expressed are mine and come from my experience with the companies named. *

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