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Halloween Fun with Stephany Simmons Part 2

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Stephany Simmons Halloween Fun With Lian and Figg

Part 1 of Stephany's Story can be read here

PART 2 “How do we get back?” I tried to keep my voice steady, to not have a complete freak-out on Lian who was the only person who might be able to get us back. “We have to be smart.” Lian said, “Everything here is about balance. We were sent here magically, we can get out that way.” Lian’s theory was great, in theory. “The problem being that neither of us can do any kind of magic.” I grumbled. “A minor technicality on this side of the veil.” On the other side of what might have generously been called a road, a pinpoint of white light appeared and continued to grow into an oval about my size. Lian pushed me behind him, ready to confront whatever might be coming through. A figure fell onto the gravel emitting a string of swear words that would have made a sailor blush. “The worst thing about being a ghost,” Boyd stood and brushed off his vertical striped bell botto…