Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Review: Wings and Broken Things: Paranormal Cozy Mystery

Wings and Broken Things: Paranormal Cozy Mystery Wings and Broken Things: Paranormal Cozy Mystery by Trixie Silvertale
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This is the third book in the series. I have read it in the order written. I would encourage that because you will appreciate the growth of Mitzy, the main character. That growth is most noticeable in this book. I really loved how Mitzy is settling in with her “family,” which I believe is where her personal growth is coming from. By family, I am referring to more characters than her dad and ghostly Gram. Family is often people we choose. Mitzy is also becoming more comfortable with her gift and learning to use it. I have personally enjoyed the slow paced discovery and education of this part of the story. It allows me time to adjust along side of Mitzy.
There is a romance angle, of a sort. Mitzy has been smitten by a certain hot sheriff since she came to town. Aforementioned hot sheriff may, or may not, return the affection. Now, I don’t mind a background romance going on in my cozy mystery. Depending upon various factors, I don’t even mind when it goes from strike to home run in a few books. I can handle a triangle happening for a number of books that eventually goes one way or the other. (Please no stranger popping in after twenty books and that turns out to be the pick with marriage happening before the book ends. I mean we’ve gone twenty books with her debating which guy how does marry in one book someone we don’t know? But I digress. Sorry.) There is something to be said for an uncertain relationship. Mitzy and Erick have chemistry. They also don’t always see eye to eye. So will they or won’t they? I don’t know but I’m having a fun time with the dance. In this book, we have a possible new dance partner enter the scene. I’ll leave that there for you to discover how that goes. Along with a brand new mystery or two that need to be solved. I never give out anything on that. I’m too afraid to spoil your fun. Go enjoy the book!

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