Friday, December 9, 2011

Guest Post - Aaron L.


I think I heard somewhere that "life is pain". I beg to differ. Life is the
ability to survive the pain.

When I began my journey into creating my novel, "Light Under the House" I
only had a germ of a plot and not much else. I was a college drop out at the
time and didn't have much going for me. I had also sown a lot of seeds into
endeavors that turned out to be useless. I had a mountain of wasted
opportunity and regrets piled up. I wasn't trained expert in any field. What
did I know? Then again, I did know a few things.  I knew about rejection. I
knew about the loss friendship. I knew about living with frustration, anger,
and fear. I knew those things. I knew I had a story to tell.

So I asked myself, what does it look like to overcome the wounds I've been
dealt? What does it look like to fail and come back again? What does faith
in action look like? As I started to ask myself these questions, the novel
grew and so did I.  In the process I learned some key things:

If you want to challenge the reader you have to challenge yourself. "Light
Under the House" is a novel about character. I knew I wanted to be better. A
better brother. Son. Friend. A better man. If I didn't find it challenging I
was certain no one else would.

Don't be afraid to be open and generous. I've learned not be afraid to talk
about issues through my story and its characters that are personal to me
and my struggles. Our scars are just proof that we're still alive, we can
show them.

Everyone has a strength, let yours shine. Don't get me wrong, it's not all
pain. I've lived a very blessed life. While it was true that I didn't have
any technical expertise, I did have life experience. By the time fifteen I
had lived in numerous places in the U.S. and abroad. I had been around the
world. I had diverse experiences to draw upon in dealing with people and
life. It also helped to hone a unique perspective. What are your strengths?

So can the worst of times make for the best of lines? I think it can. If
not, I'm sure I'll survive it.

Aaron is the author of:
Light Under the House

Light Under The House by Aaron L.
Paperback362 pages
Kindle and EBook
Ravensbrook Press

Good Reads Summary:

"Sarai Ravensbrook has never known power. She has never been in control of anything in her world. She has lived in the shadow of her step father and uncle's abuses to both her mind and body. All she has ever wanted was to have what was hers, to control her own destiny. But when a beautiful and mysterious woman comes into her life, Sarai is guided down a strange path....a path that will lead her to a queen from the ancient past and to a destiny that is finally her own....or is it?" 

Sarai Ravensbrook, the sly John Quince, the wise Dr. Levi and Tanis. All are characters involved with the Levi family and the secret lying just beneath their house that could potentially ruin them. A secret that an ancient evil will stop at nothing to uncover. Light Under the House by Aaron L. and Donna Dawson, chronicles the lives of the Levi family for a generation, taking readers on an exciting and thought-provoking journey. 

This page-turning story is set in the late 1960s during a period of cultural rebellion, with a flashback to Biblical times, as well as a flash-forward to the 1980s and the present (2005). The events of this allegoric novel are interwoven within several themes that create cohesion for the story. Messages of courage, forgiveness, faith, the power of consequence, and the hope of redemption are all found within the pages of Light Under the House.

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