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Features Series - The Mists of Avalon

I would like to highlight the series by  Marion Zimmer Bradley. The first book in the series, (which is first only because it was written first), is one of my all time favorite books...The Mists of Avalon.

This is the magical legend of King Arthur retold through the eyes of the women behind the throne. Morgaine, (or Morgan Le Fay), and Gwenhwyfar, ( Guinevere), struggle for power, each promoting their respective beliefs and using Arthur. The time frame for the story is when Christianity was taking over the island of Britain. One of the things I find very interesting is how the traditional Arthur legend is changed when seen through the eyes of the women. This book is filled with strong female characters. It has intrigue, Camelot politics, romance, betrayal, magic, and explores Christianity v. Pagan and  God v. Goddess. It is a very long and at times difficult book to read. Be prepared for that. I have read it more than once. I think it is a book you either love or hate, with no in betwe…