Friday, September 23, 2011

Banned Book Giveaway

This is the start of Banned Book Week. In honor of it I am participating in the Banned Book Week Giveaway. I remember when I was young watching a movie where books were being burned and the effect it had on me, (the image was forever burned in my mind). I do not profess to like every book out there. There are books I have read that I wish I had not wasted my time. Most definitely there are books that I do not agree with. But I do not feel a book should be banned just because I do not appreciate it's content. I think that is the beauty of a book. That you can talk about it and how it affects you, what you think of it and why you disagree with it. Freedom of speech is our right in the United States. I get worried when people start up talking about banning a book because they are in a sense trying to remove that right.  I worry when some of our elected ones start using the word privilege in regards to freedom of speech.  Freedom of speech is not a privilege in the United States. It is a RIGHT protected by the Constitution. The First Amendment protects freedom of expression and includes the written word. When you start calling it a privilege it becomes something that can be taken away. After all, as a form of punishment, do you not restrict your children's privileges, (or if you have no children, were your privileges restricted by your parents)? We need to pay attention to that word so that we maintain our rights. Remember you can choose which books you read. For many years you can choose what your children read. For those same years you can influence your children in the types of books you value. When they reach the age of choosing for themselves, you can discuss why you have an issue with a certain book, (once again taking an opportunity to instill your values). If a book is banned you lose that opportunity. We all lose. Honor all those throughout history who fought for our right to say and read what we choose.  Do it by taking the opportunity this week to pick up a banned book. Read it and then discuss it with someone. You will then be exercising both a right and the privilege.

Leave all comments for the Giveaway below please. If you are choosing not to enter the giveaway or are unable to participate please comment. Your thoughts are welcome. I do apologize for this being US only but I do not know the laws in every country regarding Giveaways.

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