Saturday, September 7, 2019

New Name Fresh Start

I have been away from posting here the way I want to. Neglecting this baby because life happens. I post my reviews from Goodreads. I’m looking to start again and have changed the blog name. It will still be primarily about books with other things tossed in. It is still Alaskan Book Cafe. I still live in Alaska. I still drink coffee. I still read...excessively. I changed the name as I’m trying to coordinate everything. Social media is a jungle. Please stay with me or join me during construction. I’ll still be posting about what I’m reading, thinking of reading, books I’m excited about, Alaska photos & life, coffee, movies, tv series, products I like, yarda, yadda, yadda. You get the picture.

I’m participating in Hooked on Books week long readathon that starts today. Some of my book selections are:

      Aunt Dimity.                          No Exit                    Witch Hunt
I am also participating in Castle Macabre’s Something Wicked Fall. The read-a-long is Dr Sleep! 

If you haven’t participated in an event on Castle Macabre or Seasons of Reading you should check them out. Michelle does a lot of fun things there. I’m excited for FightFall in October and Christmas Spirit in November. 

What are you reading? Any events you are participating in or hosting? Thanks for stopping by! 

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