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Review: The Haunted Fixer-Upper

The Haunted Fixer-Upper (Haunted Renovation Mystery)Rose Pressey
*I purchased this book. All opinions are mine. No compensation was received for review.*
When I saw a new book by Rose Pressey I was excited. I always have a fun time reading her books. The Haunted Fixer-Upper was exactly that - a good time. I think it may be her best work yet. I have read a number of Rose's books. It is difficult to say which series is my favorite. I think Haunted Renovation may make that decision for me.  This is the second book in the series. You do not need to read the first one to enjoy this one but you may want to just for the laughs.  Alabama Hargrove is back. This time she is down in Georgia meeting her boyfriends family. While on the way to his daddy's house Alabama spots a house that just needs her touch. It is haunted of course. When Bama goes to meet with the owner she sees her boyfriend standing over the dead body with a hammer in his hand! Even though she does not tell the anyone about …