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Review of Space by Emily Sue Harvey

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Space by Emily Sue Harvey Paperback, 260 pages The Story Plant
*I was given a copy of this book for review. The opinions expressed are my true feelings. No compensation for this review was received. This review is part of Virtual Tours*
In reading books I find that my life, beliefs and experiences are hard to divorce from what I am reading.  When writing a review I try to keep in mind that everyone has different beliefs and experiences. So when I read a book that is excellent but has an element, (or elements), that I think may tend to have people place it in a certain slot, I feel the need to say something about that.I hate when a book gets pushed aside as being one for Christians, Jewish, Muslim, Wiccans, Homosexuals, Heterosexuals, etc. I hate labels which may be why I read so many genres. Anyway. This book does tend to focus on the Christian faith. The family depicted are Christians and the…

Halloween Fun with Pavarti K Tyler

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A True Story from Pavarti K Tyler

Halloween is full of fun stories, creepy, scary, otherworldly stories that catch the imagination and force us to look at the darker side of ourselves. But what is Halloween really? Through all the traditions I can find, from The Roman Catholic All Hallow's Eve to the Roman Parentalia and even to the Celtic Samuin, the connective tissue of these events is the idea that the wall between reality and a spiritual world is thinner on the night of October 31st.
Ghouls and Goblins run the streets in search of bags of candy, Moms and Dads watch The Nightmare Before Christmas with their progeny, and teens and singles alike dress in ever increasingly evocative clothing in the name of Halloween. Do you think of horror movies or naked wiccans dancing in the woods that night? I don't.
I think of my first true love and the possibility that a little bit of magic kept him alive.
While I've never been much of a r…