Sunday, August 23, 2020

Review: The Babysitter

The Babysitter The Babysitter by Nancy Bush
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was my first book by author, Nancy Bush. I thought it was a thriller but moved it to my mystery shelf. I’m more of the mind it is a mystery with a splash of thriller and dash of horror. I enjoyed reading it though it moved slowly for me. This resulted it a longer time reading it where I picked up various other books. This is how I read though so your experience may be different. I usually have several books going at once.
The book has two time spans on the crimes. One happened when Jamie was a teenager. The one we are most concerned with happens when Jamie returns home as an adult. Emma, Jamie’s sister, was a victim in the first crime. She is still dealing with that when Jamie returns home with her teenage daughter, Harley. The attack on Emma has one group of characters. The fresh attack has a different, though connected, set of characters. If you aren’t good at keeping the characters straight, I would suggest using paper and pen to jot them down along with who they are connected to. (I would never be able to keep it straight if I had been listening.)
Both mysteries are well done. I was all over the place on who did what. Yes, I was surprised at the reveals. That’s about all I’m going to give on the mysteries.
I liked Jamie, Emma and Harley. I also liked Cooper, the detective. Jamie made a few questionable movies but I felt she was doing what she felt was right. Emma, though damaged, was a lot stronger than I think she is credited as being. The rest of the many characters were made up of a few people I liked but more that I didn’t. The dogs were amazing. Haha.
The book reminded me of being a teenager and babysitting at a time when babysitting cautionary tales ran rampant. I loved it. I was also reminded of the many babysitting books and horror movies I enjoyed. Overall, it’s a book I would recommend and I do plan to read more by this author.

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