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The series I would like to talk about today is the Lily Bard Mysteries. There are 5 books total in this series. It is written by the same author of the Sookie Stackhouse/ Southern Vampire otherwise known as True Blood series - Charlaine Harris.

Shakespeare's Landlord is the first book in the series. We are introduced to Lily, a hardworking cleaning lady and a loner. Years before Lily survived a horrific rape that was made very public. Now she  lives in a small town where she works out at a gym, runs in the night and spends her day cleaning people's houses and wanting to be left alone. Her life is going along fine until she finds the dead body of her landlord. Lily is written as a tough but wounded character. Many people will not like her in this book. I love her. I understand her very real need to protect herself at all cost. The rape is detailed in this book. Ms Harris has made it public knowledge that she is a survivor of a sexual assault. One can imagine the difficulty she …