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A Matter of Grave Concern

A Matter of Grave Concern by Brenda Novak
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am not a huge lover of historical romance though I love history. Maybe it is because I feel like the story sometimes goes insane with the romance part and the historical part is dropped off. A Matter of Grave Concern though entertained me on both levels. The story starts with Abigail trying to buy a dead body. What woman does this? A woman whose father is her world and only parent. A woman who grew up at the Royal College of Surgeons where her father was head surgeon. A woman who desperately wants to follow in her father's footsteps in an era where woman married and ran households; if they were forced to work it was mostly frisky business they were doing. Abigail understands the human body but isn't so well informed of the human emotions. When the purchase of a dead body goes badly Abigail meets Max. Max is one of the men who stole from her. A Resurrectionist. Or is he something entirely different?
I love th…

For The Love Of Mercy Review

For the Love of Mercy by Leta Gail Doerr
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love the Bluegrass Country series. It is set in one of my favorite states. For the Love of Mercy picks up where For the Love of Big Orange left off yet it is its own book. That means if you didn't read big Orange you can still enjoy Mercy, (though I recommend you read Big Orange - good story and has good background for this book).
In Mercy we meet Jax. He was adopted. He has some issues from that and also from just being spoiled. He is what I would call the typical spoiled, rich BOOK kid. I know plenty of "rich" kids in real life who are not typically spoiled. Jax accidentally finds out that he has a birth sister he did not know about, (or actually does not remember). He is angry that he was not told about her and sets off to find her. This brings him to Kentucky and Mercy Lynn.
Mercy is a down to earth, kind and compassionate woman who takes Jax under her wing. She knows he is searching for something a…