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Author Vickie Johnstone - Charity Skydive

Charity skydive for Wood Green Animal Shelters
 Today I am happy to introduce you all to author Vicki Johnstone. She is the author of the Kiwi series, (the main character is Kiwi - a little, fluffy black cat who is often cheeky. How fun does that sound?) and Kaleidoscope, (a collection of poems. I have this book and one thing I love about it is that the poems are broken up into subjects. I will have more on this in an upcoming post). Vickie lives in London and she is doing something awesome and wonderful there. I have invited her here to tell you about it.
It all started one Tuesday in July when I was looking through the top posts in the Facebook news and came across a request from Wood Green Animal Shelters for volunteers to jump for charity.Yes, I thought, I'm up for that!
Back in… well about 10 years ago, I travelled to Australia and I kept challenging myself to do things on that fun trip. When I got to Queensland, the hostel I was staying in was organising tandem skydives.…

Friday Feel Good

Friday Feel Good
I am a little late with this but it is something I have been meaning to jump on for awhile. So KB and Whitesnake forgive me, please, for coming in late. 
This is my feel good for this week. 

My grandson Victor sleeping with his friend.
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To join in the fun head over to Whitesnake's and check out his then join the linky.
I think this is an awesome way to start the weekend feeling right. Hope you will join in! Maybe next week I will get it in on time. LOL
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