Saturday, July 6, 2019

Review: The Haunting of Merci Hospital

The Haunting of Merci Hospital The Haunting of Merci Hospital by Tanya R. Taylor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This turned into a nice surprise for me. I have enjoyed ghost stories and tales of haunts since I was a child. I can remember being in the backseat with my cousins just as it was getting dark out. My aunts were in the front seat talking about all the haunted places in the holler. It was delightfully scary and goosebumps would pop upon our skin. We would be showing our arms to each other with eyes wide open when all of a sudden my aunts would start screaming and shouting for us to hide in the floor because the haunts were after us. One of the best memories from my childhood. Haha. It is what set the bar for so high for ghost stories. Consequently, I read a lot of “haunting” books but am not always entertained by them. I’m happy to say I was entertained by this one. The author told the story straight with the appropriate amount of details to the setting. There were parts that chilled me. It was a fast paced story. Definitely a good tale for a gloomy afternoon. I read this book through the Kindle Unlimited program.

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