Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sundy Best - Bringing on the Music

Today I am going to take one of my side trips and write about some music I really enjoy. I know I so rarely write about anything other than books that you are asking if I am reading anything at all. The answer to that is yes. I am currently reading the following:

Pigments of My Imagination    Cassie Scot Adrian's Undead Diary Book 1

But this week I got a new album on my Amazon Music Cloud and have been playing often...loudly. The guys are Sundy Best and the album is Bring Up The Sun. Sundy Best is comprised of two boys, (okay men but I'm going to keep calling them boys cause that's just how I talk), from East Kentucky. They are Kris Bentley and Nick Jamerson and yes they are hot, (but since they are from home and I am probably closer to their mom's age, just saying that feels wrong) and really good guys who make awesome music. Bring Up The Sun is their second album, (I'm old school - I know it's a CD), just released on iTunes, Monday, where it shot straight to the top of the charts within hours of its release and on Amazon Tuesday. Huge disappointment for me, Amazon. I consoled myself by playing their first release, Door Without a Screen, and drowning myself in Twizzlers and Mountain Dew. Thankfully it hit my Cloud at midnight and everybody living around me knew it. What can I say, it's good music and I was totally wired from the Mountain Dew. 

Sundy Best 
Sundy Best 
Photo from Sundy Best.Net (click the photo to go there)

The music these boys make is unique. The sound, to me, brings up country, bluegrass, southern rock, (I don't know but at times when I listen to them I am reminded of Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers) and 70's classic rock, (Eagles, Bob Seger). All the songs on the albums are, I believe, originals, (except for My Old Kentucky Home on Door Without A Screen). Thank you boys for including that song. It is close to my heart as I am currently so far from home. I'm going to post a couple of videos here so you can see why i am so excited about these boys. They are amazing! I'll start with Until I Met You which is off their new release, Bring Up The Sun. It is one of my favorites off that CD.

Now I will share the song that gets played often on weekend nights, super loud and several times a night during poker games and parties. Drunk Right. Like Skynyrd says...turn it up

For the final video I had a time of it choosing just one. I wanted Home because I truly do wanna go home. Then I thought maybe Kentucky Women because it is live and really gives you a feel for the boys. I considered Mountain Parkway but then decided on These Days

If you liked what you heard and want to hear more or know more about Sundy Best, please check them out on the links below. I definitely invite you to join the Kinfolk Movement where you can meet up with other Sundy Best fans and keep up with the boys. Jake is the admin over there and is a truly awesome guy. 


And here is where you can get an autographed CD, bundles, tshirts and other goodies

Album covers:

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