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Put This On Your TBR Now


Gwynneth Ever After  Linda Poitevin
*I received this book from NetGalley for review. No compensation was sought or received. Opinions of this book are my honest thoughts.*
Summary: Gwyn Jacobs doesn’t believe in fairy tales. Ever since her ex-husband walked out, leaving her alone with three small children, Gwyn has been mother, father, and bread-winner all rolled into one. Her own scarred heart aside, she refuses to open up her children’s lives to the possibility of another heartbreak, and so she has an unbending policy of no dating and no unattached men in their lives.

Until her very own fairy tale falls into her lap...and the hero won’t take no for an answer

My review:

I LOVED This book. I read an excerpt on the author's web page and was impressed. Actually I was caught up and desperately needed to finish the story. The author let me know it was available on Net Galley and I immediately requested it. I read the book every moment I had free. Okay I stayed up until I finish…