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Featured Series Wednesday

On Wednesdays I will be highlighting a series. For the first one I will choose a series I am currently enjoying..Darkness Within Series by Jennifer Turner.

 I won the these two books of this series from the author. The giveaway was sponsored by the blog . Ms Turner generously also included surprise swag. I had not read either of these books before winning them.

Book 1 Eternal Seduction was an awesome read. I loved this book! It is my favorite new series. The story line was really well written. It is the story of Logan and Kerestyan . Not your usual heroine...she starts out a homeless drug addict and he is a hero that does not sparkle but has a beast inside. There is plenty of action and the heat index shoots way up there. Along with vampires and werewolves, Ms Turner has added Paladins , Harbingers and Servios.  It is fast paced, gritty and funny. I recommend this book to all the Sookie Stackhouse fans who wonder what happened to Eric. 

Book 2 Eternal Hearts was as …