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Review of Zombie Cruise

Zombie Cruise Janiera Eldridge
*I purchased this book. All opinions are mine and are based upon my honest feelings while reading the book and afterwards. No compensation was received for the review.*
I came across this little gem while the author was promoting another book on Facebook. Being a total zombie freak, I immediately purchased it and read it. What a delight! Here is my review.

Holy crap! You are on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean when you wake up with a child looking to you for help. What you discover is the ship is filling up fast with zombies. Not only that but these are not your average slow moving people chompers. These freaks are fast! What an original and terrifying idea for a zbook. Actually a zseries as the author states she is following this story up with more nightmares - how cool is this? The best part is that the author was able to pull this off. The story was terrifying. The main characters were realistic. It was a tight story. I am truly looking forward to…