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Halloween Fun with Marlon Pierre-Antoine

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October 2nd, 1932
7:05AM It would be wrong to say that I had the dream again last night. Better to say that it came for me.             Just outside the Ormond Plantation house's porch where I stood the old oak tree seemed to stretch on to eternity. It wasn't the oak I saw in my waking hours, a degraded husk whose bare branches bore only the spindly gray webs of moss, no, this tree was lush with golden brown wood and a top rich with the verdant green array of springtime bloom.             In the dead of night that my dream manifested in, the tree was all that I could see: it was my world. A man stood strapped to the bark, body as black as evening, bare chest pressed against the tree trunk as lines of rope coiled around his back, legs and neck stretched and distorted his athletic form.             The loud whip-crack of leather tore through the air. A crowd stood around the bound man, obscured by …