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guest Post with Jeanette Baker

I am delighted to have with me today Jeanette Baker. Jeanette is the author of Witch Woman, a book I reviewed yesterday. Jeanette has graciously agreed to write a guest post for us. Thank you so much Jeanette and welcome!

Witch Woman by Jeanette Baker

WITCH WOMAN is my first Indie novel. After 15 books published by giant houses, Kensington, Pocket and Mira Books, I decided to branch out and test this brand new world of self-publishing with a book that is similar in tone to the Celtic paranormals I’d written previously and yet, completely different. Witch Woman is not a romance and it isn’t set in Scotland or Ireland, where I live during the summer months. Instead, I flew off to Salem, Massachusetts to investigate the city’s charm as well as its dark history. What came about was a paranormal with a contemporary heroine completely different from any I’d attempted to create before.
Readers of WITCH WOMAN often ask why I explored the possibilities of DNA memory and time travel or why I create…