Sunday, October 6, 2019

Review: Spirited Sweets

Spirited Sweets Spirited Sweets by Stephanie Damore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love this boxset! Mine actually contains four complete books, not three. These books revolve around Claire, a baker, and her spirited husband Nick. I have reviewed the books individually on each books page. The boxset is a super awesome way to devour all the books. I was so happy that I could keep going on to the next book without leaving the world I was in. And I did want to read each one immediately. If you are debating getting the books one at a time or getting the boxset, I highly recommend getting the boxset. These books are delightful reads. They are quick making it a wonderful addition to have on hand to read while waiting on an appointment, or if you’re like me, waiting in the car for someone to finish doing something. The saddest part is that coming to the last book means a wait for me. Book five? Yes, please.

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Review: Red Velvet Revenge

Red Velvet Revenge Red Velvet Revenge by Stephanie Damore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Red Velvet Revenge is the third book in the boxset.
It is New Years Eve and Claire is throwing a party at London Manor. She, along with Milo, has moved into the Manor. Ellen, Amelia and her son are also living there. Things are going as well as they can when Claire discovers a dead body! With Nick off chasing an interesting clue things take a surprising turn.
So far, this one is my favorite in this surprisingly excellent boxset. I enjoy boxsets but, with so many books vying for my attention it can take me awhile to complete them. I have ADD so the competition between books is a real thing. Usually I say I’m a mood reader, (while true it is somewhat a nice way of saying I get interested in a book when -oh look, a squirrel!- happens). The books in this boxset are quick reads. You might think that is why I am devouring this boxset. It is but, it isn’t. The fact that they only take an hour or so to read means I can usually get the book read and then I’m off to a new one. Which may or may not be the next in the boxset. I’m choosing to stay in the boxset, which is where my surprise comes in. I am devouring these books because they are capturing my attention. Each one draws me in, entertains me and leaves me excited for the next. So excited that I don’t look at all the shiny covers filling my Kindle screen. I’m telling you, get this boxset. If you do, let me know what you think, especially of Nick’s clue. I’m dying to begin the final book, so I’m off. Read this book either as a stand-alone or in order.

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Review: Decadent Demise

Decadent Demise Decadent Demise by Stephanie Damore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am reading the boxset. This is the second of four books in the set.
Claire and Nick are back and it’s Thanksgiving. Claire is living over the bakery, not having decided what to do with London Manor. A real estate developer is interested in buying it, along with other properties. Anyone who has ever loved a small town knows this is not good news. The developer has plans to build condos with a shopping center. The town is against this idea. The county commissioner approved his plans, though, so it looks like a possibility. The good news in this is that Claire has her baking mojo back.
I am truly enjoying this boxset. I enjoy the characters. I adore Nick. The stories are pretty fast reads. I find them just right for me at this time of the year. I’m busy with so much that sitting down time can be hard to come by. I’m loving the fact I can sit down with this series and finish the book in one night. Being in a boxset means if I have additional time, I can move right on to the next book. The books are complete though there is the life of Claire that continues from book to book. It is her life that makes me recommend reading this in order, (though absolutely not necessary). I think you will find her relationship with Nick to be interesting. I want a love like that.

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