Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween Trick or Treating

  Paranormal Wastelands

I am so excited by this Halloween event! It is being hosted by Paranormal Wastelands . There is a lot of spooky fun things going on over at Paranormal Wastelands blog. If you are into the scary side of Halloween you need to stop by there everyday for the happenings. I am participating in the Trick or Treating which beigins October 28, 2011. I will be giving away an EBook copy of Zombies Ain't Funny - The Anthology  to 3 lucky winners. 

Zombies Ain't Funny - The Anthology

Zombies Ain't Funny! These sixteen stories from talented writers scattered across the earth prove otherwise. Zombie Humor as evidenced by several different viewpoints, styles, and twisted imaginations.

This will be a separate giveaway from my Halloween Fun Giveaway so be sure to check back and enter even if you have entered Halloween Fun. Halloween Fun will have several winners also and the prizes include both print and EBooks. Be sure to check out the guest posts each weekday as the prizes will be from these authors. 

Have fun with it and if you would like to participate in the Trick or Treating be sure to check out Paranormal Wastelands Zompacolypse 2011 to sign up! 

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween Fun with Laurie Bowler

A weird but very true spooky story
Laurie Bowler

When I was growing up, we moved around and lived in so many different places and in new houses all the time, it never bothered me and I cannot remember much about the houses etc except for this one.
I was 12 when we moved in there, a normal average house, a massive garden that was split in half, my mother decided to have one half to use as the ‘posh’ area and the upper half myself and my siblings could use to play in. It had awesomely long grass, and because I was a bit of a tomboy I loved to collect insect, at the time, it was grasshoppers that I would inspect for some strange reason, I cannot think why I wanted to do that. Now, an insect comes near me and I run away screaming, I do not like creepy crawlies.

Anyway, while we were there loads of things started to happen, there was nothing that sparked it off at all. My younger sister woke up screaming one night, when we asked her what was wrong she swore blind that there were a couple of dogs asleep on the end of her bed. Now we did not have any dogs at all, the only animals we had were hamsters and gerbils so this was weird. Of course, I teased my sister intensely about what she saw but I was kid myself lol.
The next time anything spooky happened was to me. I was laid in bed with my eyes closed (pretending to be asleep so I wouldn’t get into trouble) and had this strange feeling that I was being watched, and then the bottom of my bed sunk down as if someone had sat on my bed.
Within minutes, the bed felt normal but my younger sister’s teddy was making a noise, this particular teddy had a pull string to activate the voice and it started talking. When I peeked over to my sisters side of the room the teddy was floating in the air, at first I thought my sister was messing about so I shouted at her and turned over in bed, fuming with her for trying to get her own back for all my teasing.
Then the sinking sensation on my bed started again, I did not want to look but at the time, I was incredibly curious to see what was happening. I pulled the duvet back and stared, one of my books was floating in the air, the pages were being turned on their own and I could this weird laughing that sounded female...
Spooked? Yes definitely. I scrambled out of bed, down the stairs and got into bed with my mother, and boy I did not live that down with my sisters.
It wasn’t until a few days later when my mother was talking to the elderly neighbour that he happened to mention an old woman had died a month before we had moved in, and she had two dogs that had died in the room my sister and me slept in. Coincidently the room we slept in was also the old woman’s bedroom.
So that was it, the house was haunted. My sister constantly made ghost noises at me, her way I suppose of getting me back for all my teasing lol.
The ghost was not dangerous though, at one point we had a trespasser in the back garden, this man jumped over the 6ft fence, whatever he wanted he certainly wouldn’t have got because we didn’t have much growing up. Anyway, he freaked out apparently; when the police arrived, he was standing still in the garden staring at my bedroom window. The police asked my mother if she had our grandmother staying with us, when we replied no, they were like so who is the old woman in the bedroom window. The old lady had manifested herself and scared away the intruder which was awesome, but I can say I didn’t really sleep all that good in that particular house and I wouldn’t go upstairs on my own either, logically there was nothing to be worried about but it was a ghost and I wasn’t taking any chances. Needless to say my sisters, one older and one younger thought me being scared as tomboyish as I was, was the most hilarious thing in the world and I constantly got teased and I never did live it down.

Laurie's Books
Moon Rising (Moon Rising, #1) Sunrise to Sunset (Moon Rising, #2) Golden Horizons (Moon Rising #3) 
Moon Rising Series
Across The City: The Beginning Across The City: The Battle Begins Across The City: Carnage Across The City: The Alliance
Across The City
Broken Spirit (Reversed Revenge) Broken Spirit Part 2
Broken Spirit
Serena Embracing Darkness The Depths of Darkness  A Real Slasher Order of Blood Volcan Knights Death Bite Bloodthirsty Gruesome Tales Improvised Digital Short Story  Hunter The Author's Cut  Locum Vanquished: The New Beginning Hacked Up The Tortured Revelations Improvised Digital Short Story Blood Bond
 The Passionate Immortal I've Given You My Heart 

There is enough to keep you up many nights...and that is just looking at the covers. I'll be reviewing Laurie's work in the future. She has a lot to choose from that look awesome to me so she will most likely hit my blog a few times. I had started Sunrise to Sunset and then realized I missed Moon Rising so I stopped and bought Moon Rising to do them in order. So definitely be looking for those reviews. 

Laurie can be found on her website at Laurie Bowler
On Twitter at @laurieAuthor

Please leave comment. I love hearing from you and I know Laurie would love to hear your thoughts.



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