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What's Reading Friday

On Fridays I will be putting word out about a couple of books. These will include books I have read, books I am reading, books I want to read as well as new releases. Today I have one new release and one I am currently reading. 
The first up is a new release. I have not yet read this. I have it on my Kindle as I have enjoyed Rose. Presssey's other work.  She writes with a sense of humor. Her prior books are How To Date A Werewolf; Me and My Ghoulfriends and No Shoes, No Shirt, No Spells ( Mystic Cafe Series Book 1). Rock 'n' Roll is Undead is book 2 in the Mystic Cafe Series. 
Veronica Mason—lead singer of the rockabilly band The Voodoo Zombies—discovers her vampire bass player staked through the heart. A vision of the murder flashes in Veronica’s mind and she wonders if she’s going bonkers. Up until now her supernatural skills consisted of a few botched love spells.

Using her sexy voice and pin-up style has paid off, she’s about to land a record deal. But suspicion soon turn…