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Telenovelas and a Recipe

I went on Girlfriends Book Club last night. She was talking about learning Spanish from telenovelas. Telenovelas, for those who don't know, are like Spanish soap operas. They differ in that they are usually based off books, there is an end - most run about 5-6 months though some may go longer, and they don't break off for part of the year. That is important for me because every year at some point I am going through withdrawal over Sons of Anarchy, Walking Dead and American Horror Story. The part about them being based off of books is handy too. I can always tell people I am comparing the show to the book. Back to the telenovela post. Wendy over at GBC was talking about her favorite novela, Por Ella Soy Eva, (For her, I'm Eva).  I had seen this advertised but never watched it. So I decided to check it out based on what she wrote. I have watched I don't know how many episodes but sleep is not coming any time soon. First off it has one of my favorite telenovela stars in i…