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Waiting on Wednesday - Drusilla Campbell & Jocelyn Adams

Halloween Fun Giveaway Entry

Little Girl Gone By Drusilla Campbell Paperback, 320 pages Expected publication: January 31st 2012 by Grand Central Publishing
The case of a missing teenage girl profoundly impacts the lives of two people: Madora, the emotionally starved girlfriend in a complicated relationship with the kidnapper, and Django, the twelve-year-old boy who discovers the whereabouts of the teenager and plots to free both her and the kidnapper's girlfriend.Madora has lived with Willis for 5 years after running away from home with him when she was 17. She tells herself she loves Willis, but time and events have tarnished his image. When he kidnaps a pregnant teenager and keeps her hidden, Madora begins to question why she stands by a man so morally reprehensible. Django comes into her life after following home one of the dogs she has rescued. The boy lost his parents in an accident and is living with his aunt who doesn't want him. Through their unlikely friendship, Madora le…

Halloween Fun with Maranda Russell

Halloween Fun Giveaway Entry
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Last Halloween By: Maranda Russell
I really don’t know what possessed me to do what I did last Halloween.  I am usually a coward.  Maybe that was part of why I did it, I wanted to prove to the world and myself that I’m not the big crybaby everyone thinks I am.  Anyway, regardless of why I did it, I did do it, and now I will tell you the story.

Like I said, it was last Halloween, shortly after I turned 12 years old.  There is a really old cemetery by my house and I decided to spend Halloween night there with my dog, Pogo.  Pogo is a black lab and has been my best friend for the last four years.  I knew I would be safe in the cemetery with Pogo.  He isn’t afraid of anything, not even our neighbor’s nasty Rottweiler.  Plus, I know Pogo would give his life to protect me, even though I hoped that would never be necessary.

It was about 11 o’clock at night when I snuck out of the house with Pogo.  We walked about a block to the large cemetery.  I…