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Guest Christine Amsden with a Giveaway

Hi. On the blog today we have Christine Amsden the author of the Cassie Scot Series. She has brought along Cassie and a GIVEAWAY! Yay!! Thank you for stopping by today Christine and for the awesome giveaway. 

If you know Cassie then you know how crazy her life has been lately. Stress, stress and more stress. We all deal with stress in our lives, though not the same as Cassie. I am always looking for ways to chill. I am always interested in what people do to just relax. Since Cassie has gone through so much I thought it would be cool to find out how she lets go of all the craziness. Here is Christine with the scoop. 

Top 10 Ways Cassie likes to Relax

With so much going on in Cassie's life, it can be hard for her to sit back and relax! But her life isn't all about solving mysteries, escaping from evil sorcerers, or even falling in love. She has hobbies, some of which made it into the pages of the book. Others were overlooked due to time constraints, but I hope they follow from what…