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Ghost on Black Mountain Release & Giveaway

Releasing Today!

This book is one of my favorite reads this year! This haunting story will stay with you long after you finish the book. From the start you are drawn in and held spellbound until you reach the satisfying end. An ending that, strangely, leaves you feeling good about how the story ends yet, at the same time, leaves you wanting more. Buy your copy today and prepare to be held captive by The Ghost On Black Mountain.

Ann Hite will be having several book signings this month and October. Many of the signings are in Georgia along with stops in North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi and Tennessee. Please see her website for more information. If you live near any of the areas I hope you will stop and see her. I know she will be very happy to meet everyone.  Recently she wrote about the fictional community of Black Mountain on Caroline Leavitt's blog. 

In celebration of the release of Ghost on Black Moun…

Author Mark Rudolph talks about Facing the Son

Hi everyone. Sorry I have not been around much. I got knocked over by a migraine that has held on for 6 days. It is finally going away. I have asked author Mark Rudolph to speak with us today about how he came to write his book, Facing the Son, A Novel of Africa. 

Here is the synopsis from Good Reads:
American Matt Reiser travels to The Ivory Coast on a mission to locate his estranged son. His only guide is a three-year old postal address. Fighting cultural vertigo and disorientation at his arrival at the Abidjan airport, he relies on a glib and persistent limo driver who speaks just enough English to gain Matt's trust.

The next morning, Matt wakes up drugged, robbed, and dropped into a grim city slum. Without ID, without money, and with no idea where to turn, Matt forges unlikely alliances. Caught up in a local gang battle that takes him on a perilous journey out of the city and through the backcountry, he strives to stay neutral and continue his search for his son.

Loyalties form.…