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Review of Rougarou by Judith Ann McDowell

Judith Ann McDowell
*I purchased a copy of this book. I received no compensation for this review. All opinions are mine.*
Book Blurb:
Everyone who lived in Saint Anthony Parish, Louisiana grew up hearing stories of the old Hindel Mansion . The one cast in shadow and sitting alone. Of late-night howling on nights of the full moon.
Parents listened and nodded as though in complete agreement with the strange happenings. Later they would laugh and shake their heads over the wild imaginings of today’s youth.
Then a family named Rawlins moved into the mansion and within days the laughter turned to a cold and paralyzing fear. 
Now another child has disappeared from the mansion and Detectives Hays and Olivier’ know they need to move fast before they have another bloodbath on their hands.
Will they be in time to save this child?

Masterful storytelling! This book was a surprise for me. I was expecting a paranormal romance with some untidy bits. What I got was a compelling, exciting, tension fi…