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Another Bad-Dog Book by Joni B Cole Giveaway

I can't tell you how excited I am to host this giveaway! I had featured this book on a Wednesday WAITING FOR meme. I think it is going to be a fantastic book to read.

Another Bad-Dog Book: Tales of Life, Love and Neurotic Human Behavior by Joni B Cole
Paperback, 200 pages Expected publication: October 4th 2011 by PublishingWorks 
Here is the description:
In this collection of twenty-eight essays, Joni B. Cole reveals a mastery at mingling low moments with high comedy; and social awkwardness with social observation. At once insecure and narcissistic, loving and wanting to be loved, Cole reveals (and revels in) what it means to be human, in a way that will make readers laugh and think at the same time. The title essay in this collection was inspired when the writer went to the bookstore and noticed all the bestselling books about adorably naughty dogs. At first resentful of these other authors' success, she eventually realized she had her own "bad dog" story to exploit, in th…

Halloween Fun with Bret Jordan

You may have met Bret over the weekend when I posted his interview. If you missed it you can find it HERE.
Bret has written many  awesome stories and books. Information about them can be found on his website - bretjordan.comDopamalovi Books, on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. He is also on FaceBook and Good Reads. I have shared some covers with you at the bottom of the post. Jacob’s Rising by Bret Jordan The cat purred against Bobby’s chest as he gently rubbed the top of the animal’s head, its eyes squinted in pleasure. The cat pushed her nose against Bobby’s hand as he stroked its soft gray fur. The animal stretched, relaxed and content. At peace with the world Just how Bobby liked them just before the kill. A tear rolled down Bobby’s grimy cheek as he looked around the old, wooded cemetery. The grass stood taller near the back fence, where he sat. He and Jacob didn’t get the respect they deserved in life, so why the hell did he think they would be respected in the afterlife? He stoppe…