Sunday, May 11, 2014

Gone Girl , My Review

Gone GirlGone Girl by Gillian Flynn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is a roller coaster ride for sure. You know how the ride up is slow that is the beginning of this book. Then you reach the peak which is part two with its amazing twist and turns finishing in, what feels so quickly, part three. The first part of the book goes a bit slow, concentrating on Nick and Amy. I believe the way it was done was to introduce us to Amy and Nick, lulling us into thinking they are a juvenile and fairly selfish, boring couple. Then with the introduction of more characters the story explodes. Suddenly we discover that who we thought Amy and Nick were isn't necessarily true. There is a reason why I have always told my children don't make snap judgments of people. People are complicated and multi-layered. In part one we uncover the first layer of our couple but in parts two and three we really discover who they are. At first I wasn't all into it. I didn't like Amy or Nick, (guess what? I still don't), and almost gave up reading it. In retrospect I think the author did an excellent job with the unveiling of our couple. The book is a psychological playground. Forget trust. There is no one to put trust in, at least no one I found worthy of it. While there are holes in the story and things you just shake your head at, for the most part I found myself just gliding over them. I was more fascinated by the mind twist that was going on. I believe, as humans, we are all to some extent damaged people. I found it pretty easy to relate to all the damaged ones in the book. I really enjoy analyzing what makes me people tick. I find it fascinating that two children from the same family, raised together, can be so similar yet so different. In this book we see that with Nick and Glo. While Amy and Nick were raised differently there becomes apparent some similarities between them too. Days after finishing this book I am still thinking about that and what were the defining factors that brought those out. I found the story fascinating. The ending was a little bit of a let down for me though it does work, (as well as leaving space for a follow up). I thought about removing a star for the ending but decided since it does work, and stays on the twisty tracks, it didn't warrant losing a whole star. For me, it held my interest and had my emotions twisting in the wind. A total whizbang roller coaster ride!

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