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Review of Vampire Blues by Stephany Simmons

Vampire Blues by Stephany Simmons Book Two of Lian and Figg Kindle Edition
*An Ebook copy was given to me for review by the author. No compensation was offered or received. No promise of a good review was made. Opinions expressed are solely mine.*
Good Reads Blurb: Lian and Figg are still recovering from events that almost destroyed their lives, but when a good friend comes to them with a serious problem, they can't turn him away. Soon, Lian and Figg are neck-deep in local vampire politics and framed for a massacre they had little to do with. On top of that, the local werewolf pack is sniffing around, looking for favors.
My Turn: I was happy to see this  sequel to Voodoo Dues, (review here),  pop up.  I had been eagerly waiting for it. I enjoyed Voodoo Dues but, as Stephany is a new writer, I was curious to see if she could keep it up. I am ecstatic to say YES SHE CAN.  The action comes fast and steady in Vampire Blues. The characters we loved in Voodoo Dues are back and just as quirky as…