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Joshua Scribner: Psyche Horror

Psyche Horror: Five Short Works by Joshua Scribner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a collection of chilling horror stories. I would venture to call it a sampler of this author. In the first story a young unattractive man suddenly finds himself attracting the attention of a pretty girl. But where are the voices he hears coming from and what do they want? In the second A man and women argue with the result of his past coming to haunt him. The third story a wife murders her abusive husband. Is that really what happened? The fourth story brings us a military man who is given the choice to die or just possibly die. The final story tells of a young man in the counselor's office telling a shocking story of abuse while from the door comes the sounds of terror and chaos. I enjoyed the stories in this book. They are short stories so the terror comes fast and hits hard. This is a good book for a camp out or those times when you want to read creepy stories out loud. Good choice for when you w…