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Intuition - By Tracy Sharp Originally published by Spinetingler Magazine 2006

My name is Robin Webster, and I’m a rip-off artist. I never planned to be a thief, but I am one. I mean, I didn’t wake up one morning and think, ‘Gee, I think I’ll pretend to be a psychic and steal people’s money, live off of their hopes and fears.’ It just happened that way.

I’m trying to think of a good place to start telling you what happened. With the murder, I mean. I know that you expect me to tell you that I didn’t do it. They all do, right? The prisons are full of innocent people.

Anyway, you’re here to hear me explain how the cops found me with a dead girl in my arms. So I’ll tell you.

I don’t come from what you’d call a privileged background. I had to work all through high school for stuff I needed, and I had to work to save for college tuition and books.

So I’d done all kinds of jobs, sometimes two or three at a time when money was tight. But there w…