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Relative Identity by Holly Patrone Review

Relative Identity

Relative Identity by Holly Patrone is the follow up to Death Is A Relative Thing. I was so excited to see this sequel that I put aside my other books to read it. In her first book we are introduced to April and her husband Sal, who happens to be a ghost as he died in some birthday sex that left April with quite a reputation. In this book we continue on with April's story. She has finally found a boyfriend who does not think he will die while getting some satisfaction. Sal received his wings and moved on. Things seem to settling down for her. Then the car owned by April's son but which she signed for is repossessed.  April learns someone is using her dead husband's identity. Since Sal has been dead a number of years, April cannot figure out how he got a loan from a bank. April soon learns that the loan is not the only credit dead Sal has. So she is off on an investigation, trying to retrieve her son's car and find out who is doing this to her. Sal shows back up and encourages April to find the culprit. He cannot help making comments about April's new love interest though.  And just what is up with the things he wears? What is going on on the other side? If this isn't enough April finds out she can also see and hear another ghost! Along with the hilarious adventure, Holly Patrone also gives us a peek into April's feelings about Sal and her boyfriend Jack. We hear of her missing Sal and still loving him while wishing to move forward and let go. We are also privy to her husband lovingly but hilariously allowing April to move forward with her life. I really appreciated that the author addressed this and let us feel the bittersweet emotions. That she was able to write this serious moment in a lighthearted way just shows the writing skills of Ms. Patrone. If you are looking for a light, fun read with a mystery to solve and a romance to enjoy, then this is an excellent choice.

Here is Holly Patrone's first book. While it is not necessary to read it before you read Relative Identity, I would recommend you read it first. My review can be read HERE

Death Is a Relative Thing

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