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Weekend Reads

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! It is a great day in Alaska - sunny and warm! Yay! Perfect day for reading on the beach, in the park or in the cemetery. We have some nice ones and I figure if I start reading there now I will be use to it later. Haha. Where do you like to read?
This weekend I plan to finish up reading Mindbenders, (this was a difficult book in that it one of the characters has PTSD from serving in Iraq and my son was in Fallujah for a couple of years at the beginning of the war - I have had to take this one slow); Sand Queen by Helen Benedict, ( which will be coming out soon - a review will be coming up);  Lord of The Vampires by Gena Showalter, (also releasing soon with a review coming up); Hilda - Snow White Revisted by Paul Kater, ( maybe should be titled or How Snow White Lived in a House with 7 Horny Little Men, haha).  
I have a long list of To Be Read books that keeps growing. So many wonderful books out there to choose from. Isn't it wonderful?  …