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My Free Kindle Picks of the Week

These are books that are currently FREE Kindle reads on Amazon. Current being the date this blog post was published. So please always double check the price on Amazon's site. The books posted may not be books I have yet reviewed or read. They are books I find intriguing and thought you may also.  Links are in the book title below the covers. On to the books.

Narco Moolah: A Cleo Matts Novel
Book description: 
A heinous terrorist attack in Honolulu cuts vacation short for burned-out Trapdoor agent Cleo Matts. With the streets of Waikiki in chaos and his own agency compromised, Matts turns fugitive. Wanted dead or alive by the police, the Japanese mafia, the CIA, and Trapdoor, Matts finds an unlikely ally in Sid Bidwell, the mysterious leader of Unit R—an international clique of anarchist computer hackers. With Bidwell’s help, Matts resolves to take down the elite powerbrokers in the fascist Ministry of Streunberg who are proceeding with a ruthless scheme to rescue the teetering empires…