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Halloween Fun With Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Why I WroteA Time of Demons (First book of the Before The End series) By Kathryn Meyer Griffith *** Damnation Books Buy Link: ***
Around 2003 or so, as many times before in my roller coaster thirty-nine year long writing career, I had about given up. Again. I had eleven published novels (mostly romantic horror and horror) and six short stories to my name published between 1984 and 2003 with Leisure, Zebra, and Avalon Books. In 2003 I’d had a dark murder mystery called Scraps of Paper from Avalon Books come out, had finished the second All Things Slip Away in the series for them. I was proud of the mysteries and the books themselves. The two had fairly decent, but mundane covers, and were hardcovers…my first.I believed the novels were my best so far. Contemporary and simple, but people loved the characters and the quirky town they lived in I’d tongue-in-cheek called Spooky. The price was steep, I thought though, at $26 dollars each. Bu…