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Domestic Violence Month & The Safehouse by T. Thomas Ackerman

From T. Thomas Ackerman: My latest book is titled THE SAFEHOUSE. The book is about fictional character police detective Jessica Warren. She spends her time on the job, and many times off the job, helping abused women and their children break free from their abusers. Jessie works within the confines of the law whenever possible, although at times she has to work outside of the law to protect these victims of domestic violence. Every nine seconds in the United States, another women becomes a victim of domestic violence. With all the laws that have been enacted to protect these victims, it seems that with each new law, more women and their children become victims. Although THE SAFEHOUSE is fictional, it states many facts that are know about domestic violence. October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. 25% of any royalties I receive from THE SAFEHOUSE will be donated to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
From Outskirts Press: Every nine seconds, a woman becomes a victim of d…