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Review of The Mouse-Proof Kitchen by Saira Shah

The Mouse –Proof Kitchen Saira Shah
Atria/Emily Bestler Books

UK Release April 2013 US Release Summer 2013

*I received a copy of this book from NetGalley. I received no compensation for this review. The review is based on my honest thoughts of this title.*
Anna is a planner. So when she discovers she’s pregnant, she prepares for a perfect new life in Proven├že, France, with her perfect new baby-to-be. Anna’s partner, the easy-going Tobias, shouldn’t have too much difficulty tagging along—after all, he’s a musician who rarely starts his day before noon. But all that changes when their baby is born severely disabled. Anna, Tobias, and their daughter, Freya, end up in a rickety, rodent-infested farmhouse in a remote town in France—far from the mansion in Proven├že they had imagined. Little do they know that this is the beginning of what will become an incredible journey of the heart—one during which they learn there really is no such thing as a mouse-proof kitchen. Life is messy, and it’s the …