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If I Tell by Janet Gurtler Sourcebooks Fire Paperback  256 Pages Expected release date October 1, 2011
I received this book from Net Galley. No compensation was offered or received. A review while appreciated was not mandatory.
Jasmine Evans was born to high schoolers - the princess and the football player. He has his life mapped out with dreams of football and she doesn't have plans to raise a child in hers. So Jaz is lovingly raised by her grandparents, with visits to and from her mother. Jaz is pretty much a loner after being harassed, (and nearly drowning), by her fourth grade classmates, who weren't very accepting of her skin color. Not being accepted by either white or black kids she has had one best friend Lacey and a slightly newer friend Ashley. Lacey is a few years older and the "bad girl" while Ashley is a lesbian. While working at a coffee shop Jaz meets "bad boy" Jackson. Things are not great but not too bad when one night at a party Jaz walks in an…