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Ghost on Black Mountain New Cover

I just received the new cover for Ghost on Black Mountain by Ann Hite so I am sharing it with all of you. There is a surprise coming up on September 1st so be sure to check back here then.

The old cover:

and now the new cover:

I think they are both awesome! I cannot decide which I like more. What is your pick? Leave a comment to let me know!
I have something super special surprise planned for September 1st so be certain to check back. You do not want to miss this!

Read my review and an interview with Ann Hite here

Interview/Review of Ann Hite - Ghost on Black Mountain

I am so excited to bring you an interview with Ann Hite today. Ann is the author of Ghost on Black Mountain. This book is destined to be a best seller. It is definitely one you do not want to miss reading! 

Ghost on Black Mountain by Ann Hite Expected release September 13, 2011 Simon & Schuster  Gallery Trade Paperback, 352 pages ISBN-10: 1451606427 ISBN-13: 9781451606423

I received this book from the author with a request to review. No promise of a good review was sought or given. I received no compensation , other than a copy of the ARC, for this review. The review is my honest opinion. 
From the back cover of the ARC(subject to change):
Meet the women of Black Mountain and the one man that ties them all together…

Nellie Pritchard: I married Hobbs Pritchard without noticing he was a spell conjured into a man—a walking, talking, ghost story. He took me up Black Mountain and it was there I learned sometimes good and bad get mixed together so well a person can’t tell the difference until it’s …

Thursday Themes

Hosted by Reading Between Pages Theme Thursdays is a fun weekly event that will be open from one Thursday to the next. Anyone can participate in it. 
This week’s theme is TREES(Plants/Greenery )

I am breaking the rules today, (I know - you are all surprised by that). I am still sick from the infusion so I hope I will be forgiven. It is just too difficult to search through the two print books I am reading to find the theme match tonight. So I am going to take two selections from books I have finished. One from the book giveaway I am hosting and the other from the book I just reviewed, (there is a fascinating interview with the author too). I hope you enjoy them!

Prisoner And Survivor (Book 2) by Brian Kittrell
After a few minutes, he found a nice, shady spot under the willow tree behind the house. He started digging. It wasn't until this point in his life he understood just how difficult digging a large, deep hole really was. He continued digging for hours until it looked suitable for Tr…