Monday, June 19, 2017

Review: Going Gets Hot

Going Gets Hot Going Gets Hot by Rachelle Ayala
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rachelle Ayala is one of my favorite authors. She writes entertaining stories that also enlighten. Every book I read by her has been fun and informative. I either learn something I didn't know or I see people and situations from a different angle. Going Gets Hot is no exception.
In high school there were two subjects that made me glassy eyed...math and chemistry. They are useful, no denying, but boring to me. In Going Gets Hot we follow the story of two scientist, Chad and Amber. When I saw they were scientist, I thought to myself, oh no, no, don't take me there. But the author did and I enjoyed it! The story was achingly sweet, though it had enough spice to keep things interesting, and funny. Getting to know Chad and seeing things from his perspective, made me think of the geek loving guys from my school days and see them differently.
The story moves quickly as things in Sapphire Falls tend to do. It took me awhile to read only because I had real life interfering. I would say that you could easily finish this at the beach or on a rainy afternoon. There is sexual activity, (it is not erotica though), so if you prefer it clean this is not your book. The author does have those, too, (check out The Have a Hart Series). If your looking for a spicy n sweet read for a quick escape, definitely get this book!
**I received an ecopy of this book from the author for ARC reading. The review is my honest opinion regarding the story. The released book may contain differences from the ARC copy. **

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